Everything About Realistic Sex Doll

There are so many FAQ about lifelike sex doll. All questions and answers pointed to sex doll will give more tips and suggestion of buying when the owners of real sex dolls confuse about some issues. Well, let us have a read about these FAQ things, so that you may choose proper sex doll according to these conscientious information.

What is a sex doll?

Sex doll is a kind of masturbation tool similar to human. Although many dolls are scaled, there are also some dolls that are smaller like a mini sex doll or just key parts of the body (chest, buttocks, vagina, etc.).

Buying a sex doll

Learn about the materials used to make sex doll and the production process of leading sex doll manufacturers. Explore customized sex dolls and fully understand the purchase process before ordering.

How realistic are sex dolls?

You may want to know whether the dolls in “real life” can really replace reality, or whether they are just a pale imitation. Of course, sex with men or women is very different from sex with dolls or robots. But the gap is closing fast. Today, there are some sex dolls on the market who are very lifelike. They actually look like real people. Some of the dolls are equipped with artificial intelligence.

Owning a sex doll

With so many beautiful and amazing surrealist dolls, you may need some guidance on how to find the perfect sex doll for you, and how to take care of her / him once you bring them home. If you want to make sure your luxury EVA lasts, care and maintenance and storage are also important factors to consider. Importing and owning sex dolls are also legal, you need to know. Finally, if you want to express your love for sex dolls to other open-minded people, we will give you some information about forums where you can communicate with the owners of sex doll who share your passion.

What do you need to assemble a sex doll?

Silicon sex dolls or TPE sex dolls are actually “plug and play” for the owners of sex doll. When you buy a silicone sex doll, it can be used after take out from the box – although you might want to clean it thoroughly before using it. You may need to set up an AI equipped sex doll first.

Sex doll rental

Some men who are curious about having sex with an artificial partner may need to try it before buying. After all, the most advanced sex doll is an investment purchase that you want to make sure you get it right. The sex doll brothel provides an alternative service for men who want to enjoy the experience of fantasy without any commitment.

This setting appeals to men who may have limitations in exploring their sexual interests.